Thursday, December 5, 2013

Halloween Scrapbook pages

I've finished that last of the scrapbook pages for that customer order...3 of which are Halloween themed and one Birthday boy themed.

All of these use Stampin' Up! CS and DSP.








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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

School and Birthday Scrapbook pages

Happy December everyone, 

My Christmas cards are all made and sent out which made me so happy to receive a special order for some scrapbook pages and a couple of cards!   The request was for 9 pages in all and so far I've completed five.

All the school pages use cardstock and embellishments from We R Memory Keepers as well as from Stampin' Up!



 Both of the Birthday pages use Stampin' Up cardstock and designer pages....










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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Cards

As promised I have a few fall cards to share with you.  I type this as my fingers are frozen to the core......I'm so not used to this cold weather yet in Germany and I know this isn't even the start of it!

This card uses a retired SU set called Gently Falling....


This one uses a new set from the SU Mini called Harvest of Thanks


This one always uses Harvest of Thanks but with a much more simpler design


This ones all uses an image from the set Harvest of Thanks



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Saturday, October 12, 2013

MIA but still working.....

Hello Everyone!   I know I've been MIA from here for quite a long time but I just don't seem to have the time to dedicate to this  blog like I used to.   I will still be posting pictures here from time to time but if you want to be guaranteed to see what I've been up to I recommend following my FB and Etsy pages as those are updated more regularly. You can find the links for both of those in the margin of this blog.

Well I've been super busy in my craft room....first setting it up after the move then creating things for the upcoming holidays. My craft room this time around is definitely functional but it's not as pretty as the one in my last house. Oh well...its really function that is most important after all! The first thing I created when I sat in my newly set up room was a card for my youngest daughters 14th Birthday! She's really into mustaches recently so I thought a mustache card would bring a smile to her face! This is what I came up with...


I also made an extra one of these which you can find on my Etsy. 

Next I had a special request order from a dear friend of mine who's recently moved to Hawaii.  She wanted a chipboard hanging to hang from her front door saying Aloha...and the back decorated as well for when there "busy"   LOL....I sooo wish I would of thought of this!   Genius!




The backside.....

She also ordered numerous Halloween and Thanksgiving Tags and cards, which I will post in a separated entry.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Greetings from Germany

I know it has been so super long since I've how my life has drastically changed sense the last time I've updated!  I last left you in the Army had my family and I with our Germany PCS up in the air.  Well about 2 days after they told us we were not going...they changed their mind and said we were indeed going to that left us with about 6 weeks of getting ready to move 5 people and 2 dogs plus a whole house full of stuff half way across the earth.  I won't bore you with all the details but lets just say my brain is completely overworked!  I even dreamt about all the things I have to do!...Talk about a lot of restless nights.  But lets not get too far ahead of myself.

(This photo is of Emersyn and I being completely bored...sitting on the floor of our empty house in Fort Campbell, which we occupied for a week while empty)
We scheduled our flight through the Army for July 8th out of Atlanta....mainly so we could drive there and ....1...drop off Jeff's truck to be shipped overseas (I shipped my car earlier through a private company) and 2.... drop off our fur babies to be flown over.  (The story of shipping them is one in itself that has given me numerous headaches, lots of anxiety and completely stripped us financially but at least they were able to fly)! 

                                  (These are all photos of us waiting in Baltimore and Atlanta for our long journey)

After what seemed like a super long weekend in Atlanta spending all kinds of money on hotel, food and a rental car (don't even get me started on the money we spent that we will never get reimbursed for), we finally boarded our plane Monday morning headed to Baltimore.  This was all 3 of my kids first flight ever and I LOVED seeing the looks on their faces as we sped down the runway and initially took off! My sons expressions were absolutely priceless.   I'm a big mush and the tears were in my eyes just seeing his excitement and awe! 

That flight took just under 2 hours long and we landed in Baltimore where we had a 4 1/2 hour layover.  From there we were to fly the Patriot Express straight into Ramstein Germany airbase.  This flight was about 7 1/2 hours long....and moderately comfortable.  The kids were able to nap a bit although I wasn't that lucky.  I guess I just had too much on my mind.   We were all so relieved when the plane finally touched down and we could finally stretch our legs.

                                                        (Our view from the plane)

                                               (Jeff, myself and Gavin from my daughters view)
                                                                      (My daughters)

                                                (Our oh so lovely dinner we had on the plane)

We arrived at about 7:30 a.m Germany time which would of been about 1:30 a.m. east coast time so it was safe to say we were all EXHAUSTED!   Unfortunately when your military and arrive at a military base overseas there are steps you have to go through before you can leave the terminal.   i.e...paperwork to fill in processed we begrudgingly did!

                                         ( All of our luggage scattered outside our ride to the hotel)

Finally, 2 hours after landing we were released to our sponsor (the soldier assigned to assist our family our first few weeks in country) and he promptly took us to our hotel where the kids and I crashed for a few hours!  (Jeff had to go start his in process so he met up with us later.)

Thankfully our fur babies (Daizee and Daphnee) showed up safe and sound the following day from their flight and after a few hours in customs they were free to go!  We were a family again and my biggest worry was laid to rest!!!!!  Daphnee did loose a little fur...well alot of fur during this whole process, I think from stress, but she seems to be doing just fine now.

The first 2 weeks, to say the least, have been extremely frustrating with no vehicle of our own, lots of processing to do through the Army, living out of suitcases, and navigating ourselves around a different culture and language.  We do have some nice temporary lodging though so at least we have some room to stretch and a kitchenette to prepare meals.  No wifi we definitely struggle with that!

                                    (Our firts visit to a local Bakery where we had cappuccino's and cake)

I do have to say though, we have a WONDERFUL sponsor and his wife is equally fabulous!  She is a German local and speaks the native language and has been a tremendous help!  They invited our family into their own for Sunday dinner and I can tell we have already become fast friends.  Our kids even get along famously as well.   What a relief it is to have a support system already!

Manny (our sponsors wife) was even nice enough to come house hunting with us.  We only saw one home and took it!   It isn't  he prettiest homes.... but it has more than enough room for us all and it's close to work and I was just so nervous of not finding anything else that we jumped on it!  I don't know how many times I've heard them preach over here that "if you see something take it because it will be gone in a flash"  We took those words to heart and jumped on it!  So...we move in officially on Aug 7th.  Until then we're stuck in temporary lodging and living out of suitcases.  "sigh"

This past week,  Tuesday, my husband and I went in to take our German drivers licence test. (a written test)  We had studied and studied.   There are so many different signs and laws over really can get confusing.  My husband thankfully passed on his first try, although I have to add that he missed the most questions allowed before failing!  LOL....can you tell I'm a little sore.  I retook the test on Thursday and thankfully I passed only getting 8 wrong this time!  Although when taking the test I was positive I got a 100!....I wish I knew which ones I got wrong!

To my great relief that same day my husband and I went to the Customs house in Kaiserslautern to pick up my vehicle (now that we were legal)   I was so estactic to see that there was NO scratches and NO dings!  She just needed a good wash to get all the salt water residue off of her!  YAH!!!!!  Freedom at last!

Unfortunately Friday (our first whole day with the vehicle) we still had appointments we had to go to for in processing so we didn't have a chance to really enjoy our new freedom.  Yesterday though, we finally went out on our own and saw the local sights.  We checked out a bunch of stores and tried to get feelers on where we might shop locally for some food and necessities. 

To sum it up....we've made it...we're doing well....and we can't wait to get our household goods and start up our normal routine!    This week we still have to register our kids for school and I still have to get my paperwork signed so I can continue to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator....among other things that have to be done but we're on our way to living "normal" again soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll keep you updated!