Friday, May 17, 2013

Drastic Change of Plans.......

Well, we learned yesterday, 6 weeks before the movers were due to pack up our household goods, that our Germany trip has been deferred to the Dec/Jan time-frame.

It came as such a shock to us!  We have been diligently getting ready for this move and now it was all for nothing.   Items/shelves have been taken off walls, walls have been repainted white, countless hours have been spent on the phone trying to schedule my vehicle to be shipped overseas, tears have been shed trying to find a way for my two Boston Terriers to get over there (which I found and almost put a deposit down for), passports have been bought ($500 I might add), and countless other preparations that are just too lengthy to list!   

I have to say I am a little dissappointed as our mind set for 2 months now has been that we're headed to Germany and I was really looking forward to traveling all over Europe. I mean how awesome of an experience would that of been for my children?!  Speaking of them...they definitely were disappointed of the news too as they had become used to the idea of Germany as well.   But....I do truly believe to my core that things happen for a reason so hopefully that reason will become apparent soon and everything will work out in our favor.

One bright side....I get to start creating again!...That is after I put my craft room back together!  I'm anxious to use some of SU's new products coming out soon! 

So long story of right now our trip to Germany has been shifted and we won't be moving until Dec/Jan.   I'll keep you all notified though if that changes yet again!  LOL...I have a feeling with the way things are going it probably will!

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JustMe said...

I have to say it is great you are staying state side, but I am disappointed for you as I know you were all hoping to see Europe. Like you said though, things happen (or don't happen in this case) for a reason, lets hope it is a good reason!

Leslie Irwin said...

Ahhh...the Army. Hopefully it is just a deferment. We PCS'd there in January when we went in 2001. It wasn't bad. It gave us time to get moved in and settled before the nice weather and constant touring began. :) Fingers crossed for ya!