Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few more creations.....

I have a few more creations to share that I've made this past winter/spring.  I'm so behind in sharing that some have some seasonal themes that are a bit out of date now!  LOL

...as more moving updates, .... we have our levy briefing last week.  It was over 2 hours long but it was informative and definitely made me realize, if I hadn't already, all the things we need to do to prepare!  EEEEEK!  Completely overwhelming! LOL  Just to give you some idea, we need to separate all of our household goods.   One pile for our unaccompanied baggage, which is basically I small shipment that will arrive quickly (about 3-4 weeks), one pile for stateside storage , which will be most of our electronics as nothing will work with the European outlets, and the other pile will be everything else, i.e. our furniture and the rest of our clothing.   I know in the end when the "move" is over we will be able to breathe and enjoy! 

Our passports came in the mail this past week...all but my son's.  I had to resubmit his birth certificate for him.  Just another "blip" in the preparations.   Today we have set up what should be our last appointment so we can officially apply for our official orders through the Army!  Yah!...Once we get the official orders we can start scheduling appointments for the moving company and book our flight tickets!  Once those 2 things are done I will definitely enjoy a sigh of relief!  We have about 9 weeks and counting!   My "to do" list is never ending!

Ok...so onto my creations.....

This card was made for Valentines today and uses a SU single stamp called Candy Conversations.

This next card was also made for Valentines day.  It uses an SU set called P.S. I love you.

I can't forget St. Patrick's Day.  This card also uses a single SU stamp.

Lastly I made this card using a set called  Road to Happiness....

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Just so you know, most electronics are actually dual-voltage already (check the backs and you'll know for sure!) All you need is an adapter plug (about $0.50/ea)!!! Or you can get a transformer for the larger items. Most on-posting housing also has US and European outlets too! I wouldn't be too quick to store things, especially electronics, because you have no idea of the facilities and cold/wet/damp are more the "norm" than they let on. Please email me with any questions - I'd be happy to help out!!

Gorgeous cards as always!! Keep breathing - it will all work out!

GCgirl said...

Beautiful work as always...too bad you are leaving--since I am coming to Ft Campbell. Hope you enjoy Germany!!