Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Shaped Valentines

This style of Valentines really takes me back to my school days when our teachers would let us make Valentines at our desk and of course what shape did we make...the heart!  I have to say...I think my artistic ability has developed a bit since my early days of school.  :P

These would not only make a cute traditional Valentine for your honey but they would also make a wonderful tag as I used plenty of ribbon so these could be tied around a bag, small package or a bottle of wine.   Also,....think other holidays like wedding or a birthday or even a just because occasion

I made these in 3 different colors....bold red, pink and a soft hot pink and each one features lacy taffeta ribbon, glittery swirls, embossed paper and mini rosettes.

The backs are a perfect spot to right your own sentiment if you so wish.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 




JustMe said...

Very creative! These came out beautiful. They would make great tags for any occasion.

Katherine said...

these are so pretty! I would have loved getting one in my decorated "shoe box" in school! :) do they even do that any more???